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In times like these where there is an outbreak of a very harmful pathogen, more than ever you want to keep your hands as clean as possible.

You should be thoroughly cleaning your hands, and the World Health Organisation recommends that the handwashing process should take around 20 to 30 seconds minimum. This gives the soap you're using the time it needs to do get your hands clean, as soap doesn't work instantly.

All rings should be removed. We are allowed to have one ring that does not have any studding. A plain wedding band is all we are allowed to have. After removing jewellery, turn on the tap and wet your hands. Apply soap and evenly cover all surfaces of both hands. Then you need to dry your hands, as it is estimated that damp hands spread 1000 times the number of bacteria than dry hands.

Simply washing your hands, we often forget that we have touched surfaces to turn on faucets, and we need to be aware of the surfaces we have touched, so we don't become infected again after washing our hands.